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Hunan's export value of traditional Chinese medicines has reached more than US$100 million for the2018-01-02
New achievement of Chinese team SVN: Ginkgo biloba extract can improve brain function after stroke2018-01-02
September! Hundreds of industry giants will gather in Xi'an for the development of functional food2017-12-30
Demand for Natural Nutrition Products will grow to 6.03 billion US dollars in plant extract Market i2017-12-30
Constructing the World's Natural Plant Extract Production Steadfastly in the Field of Natural Plant2017-12-30
Natural Functional Extracts Help China Health Industry Forum and Association Natural Extraction2017-12-30
Nutritional value of apple peel2017-12-09
Efficacy and Function of Coniferous Cherry2017-12-09
Functions and Taboos of Polygonum cuspidatum Introducing 6 Pharmacological Functions of Polygonum cu2017-12-09
Efficacy and Function of Cortex Mori for Prevention of Parkinson's Disease2017-12-09
Nutritional Value and 12 Functions of Cranberry2017-12-09
Introduce the efficacy and function of Maca2017-12-09
The efficacy of lemons You don't know the nine main effects of lemons2017-12-09
Effectiveness and edible methods of Lycium barbarum L.2017-12-09
What are the effects and functions of cranberries? Twelve Great Effectiveness of Decrypting Cranberr2017-12-09
Cautions for eating blueberries2017-12-09
Living in the Winter: How to Enhance the Resistance to Cold2017-12-09
How to eat grape seeds? Eat them if you want to whiten your skin.2017-12-09
Analysis on the Market of Natural Plant Extracts Industry in China2017-12-09
Can pears really stop coughing in autumn? There is a big difference between raw and cooked food.2017-12-09
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      It is a high-tech individual proprietorship enterprise which integrates development, production and sales, mainly engaged in the extraction of active plant ingredients, refined products, natural plant extracts research and development, production, sales, consulting and other business.